TEAM expected results

The most tangible outcome of the TEAM vision are the 11 collaborative mobility applications based on TEAM objectives and a common basic system that is expected to improve the mobility network.

However, to properly enable these applications to work within the objectives of TEAM, we will research and develop additional important innovations, which are described in more detail below.

These TEAM innovations are expected to strengthen the European leadership in cooperative systems and open new markets for advanced mobility services. The technologies developed in TEAM are expected to enter the market within 5-10 years from project completion, mostly depending on the diffusion of vehicle-2-x communication technology.

  1. Novel distributed sensing and “best-effort” balancing algorithms.

  2. Traveller action anticipation algorithms.

  3. Advanced local dynamic map services (LDM++) and converged communication technologies.

  4. Off-board automotive cloud and smart phone integration.

  5. Coaching mechanisms for safe and green driving and travelling.

  6. Performing the Euro-EcoChallenge.